ECHELON Smart Plus 1.5T MRI scanner

ECHELON Smart Plus 1.5T MRI scanner

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Our ECHELON Smart Plus 1.5T MRI scanner will end your quest for high image quality within the shortest scan time - with advanced features and technologies that take your patient examinations to the next level.

ECHELON Smart Plus makes the whole-body examination process more comfortable. For your patients, that means fast, silent scans without the need for earplugs or contrast injections. Meanwhile your operators benefit from automated exam processes - and remote application and service support around-the-clock.

  • SmartCOMFORT for patient-friendly MRI scans, with less noise, plus non-contrast imaging.
  • SmartQUALITY for consistent image quality with advanced features for fat suppression, plaque evaluation, hemodynamics, neurovascular imaging, and many more.
  • SmartSPEED for high patient throughput with SynergyDrive, our automation software that reduces scan time while maintaining high image quality.
  • SmartSPACE with a small footprint and flexible layout options.
  • SmartECO to minimise your power usage - reducing both your ecological and economical impact.



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