ECG vital signs monitor / SpO2 MD-730 Comdek Industrial

ECG vital signs monitor / SpO2 MD-730 Comdek Industrial

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Portable Patient Monitor MD-730 uses infrared technology instead of the traditional way of extracting blood and measuring oxygen saturation. The multi-function design provides users not only with information in terms of oxygen saturation and pulse rate, but also the measuring value of EKG traces. The COMDEK Portable Patient Monitor MD-730 is a portable and desktop selectable monitor which allows continuous and instantaneous monitoring and simultaneously displays the waveform of Sp02 and EKG trace to offer users high level accuracy and real time response. The screen shows the detected values and the trend menu displays all results on a large LCD screen with real-time recall function. Moreover, values of all measuring values are continually measured from a period of 1 minute to 60 minutes, and the trend can be saved by memory for 200 hours. As long as the instrument detects a single beat of pulse, it makes sound through the speaker. The speaker also provides users different tone according to different oxygen saturation. The amounts of pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and EKG level are controllable through setting preserved limit values. When measuring values exceed the limit range, the alarm system will release a voice message. The alarm system will keep working even in the mute condition. All of the measuring data can be transited to PC by the software Smart Link through the USB port.
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