Dye sublimation video printer / color UP-55MD Sony

Dye sublimation video printer / color UP-55MD Sony

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The Sony UP-55MD, is a colour printer with new High Definition analogue signals which produces extraordinary quality. It is light-weight, compact and can be located in limited space and if required can be fixed on a cart. The printer accepts 1080i and 720p HD analogue signals, which makes it compatible with many other modern HD devices. High resolution images take very little time to get printed (approximately 20 seconds). There is a USB port on the front pane and the Image Copy feature helps in storing images (in JPEG format) to a memory device through the USB port. These images can be converted as required for medical reporting and the device has a Multiple Print Mode. The printer automatically saves data with all last settings into an on-board memory device when any error occurs. This minimises the loss of data. It also comes with UPC-55 the printer paper.
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