Dura substitution prosthesis DuraGen XS™ INTEGRA

Dura substitution prosthesis DuraGen XS™ INTEGRA
DuraGen XS™

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DuraGen XS™ Dural Regeneration Matrix is Integra’s most robust onlay graft. The DuraGen XS Small contains higher collagen density in its matrix while retaining the same optimized pore structure as DuraGen Plus® Matrix. The device offers greater tensile strength and more robust and versatile handling like normal soft tissue easily conforming to the complex surfaces of exposed neural tissue. It demonstrates effective protection against cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage with sutureless closure and being designed to remain in place during active healing, it is fully resorbed and replaced by native tissue with complete dural closure. A clear suturing is not required, but tensionless stay sutures may be employed if necessary.
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