Dressing trolley 260.0420.0 Schmitz und Söhne

Dressing trolley 260.0420.0 Schmitz und Söhne

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The product is a dressing trolley which contains four closed double plastic castors made of plastic, 125 mm diameter with ball bearings and electroconductive in nature. Out of the four castors, two castors are complete lock type and one with directional locking. The trolley is made up of silver grey frame cover with the rotatable bumpers and a silver grey plastic top with fine edge. The product is characterized with a 3 sided guard rail and a guiding bar. The product has cabinet with six drawers of type 3D, one drawer of type 6D, left side rail, dustbin for medical waste with holfer , holder plastic tray with a aperture in lid, holder for waste bags, right side rail, a guard rail and guiding bar.
Zum Ostenfeld 29,
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