Drainage catheter / vesical / balloon Hanke UROMED

Drainage catheter / vesical / balloon Hanke UROMED

UROMED Neobladder Balloon Catheter by Hanke Balloon Catheter for the transurethral application of drugs / bladder drainage The particular specifications of this OP-catheter permit a constant drainage of secretion during the postoperative care of the neobladder. The perforation can be used for the instillation of drugs into the urethra. 5 cm long, central open tip 3-way, 4 large eyes, length 45 cm perforation in the area of the bulbar urethra exchange of catheter over guidewire possible pure silicone solid REF Sizes Balloon 3220-22 Ch. 22 30 ml Packing: double, sterile Original carton: 10 pieces
  • Area of the body: : vesical
  • Characteristics: : balloon
  • Application: : drainage

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