Dilatation catheter / biliary / balloon Eliminator® ConMed

Dilatation catheter / biliary / balloon Eliminator® ConMed

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PATENTED HIGH PRESSURE PET DESIGN Does not waist or dogbone RADIOPAQUE MARKER BANDS Provide fluoroscopic identification of balloon working length THE ELIMINATOR® PET BALLOON ADVANTAGE - No Burst Guarantee - Accurate Sizing at Maximum Pressure - No Waisting - Valued Performance CONMED'S RULE OF ONE The CONMED Eliminator® PET Balloon Dilators combine the radial strength you need to dilate even the tightest strictures with an innovative, cost-effective alternative to conventional balloon dilation. The Multi-Stage Inflation Technique is a simple method for obtaining a complete and reliable dilation with a single Eliminator® PET Balloon Dilator. PRESSURE DILATES STRICTURES, NOT SIZE Balloons dilate strictures with the radial force generated by inflating them to predetermined pressures. The Eliminator® Balloons patented PET material disperses pressure along the full length of the balloon ensuring repeatable, reliable balloon sizing. When resistance is met with non PET Balloons, the balloon may expand into the area surrounding the stricture. When this occurs, the expected balloon diameter may not be achieved when inflated to recommended levels.
  • Area of the body:biliary
  • Characteristics:balloon
  • Application:dilatation
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