Dialysis infusion warmer Prismatherm™ II Gambro

Dialysis infusion warmer Prismatherm™ II Gambro
Prismatherm™ II

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This can warm blood up to 43.5 degrees Celsius for the Prismaflex system. This blood warmer can warm return blood flow to keep heat loss from being an issue. This can work with 38, 41 and 43.5 Celsuis settings. It makes the process of handling returning blood easier to maintain while making it so the disposable extension line can be set with a Prismaflex return line through luer-lock connectors. Air detection is secured as well with an extension line. This works for all Prismaflex models and can handle all sorts of peopel outside of the neonatal audience. This can work to keep heat loss issues from being more of a burden than it has to be without risking issues as it is used.
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