Dial sphygmomanometer 0 - 300 mmHg | Maxi+2® Spengler SAS

Dial sphygmomanometer 0 - 300 mmHg | Maxi+2® Spengler SAS
0 - 300 mmHg | Maxi+2®

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The metal housing of the manometer is shock-resistant, anti-corrosion and durable. The mechanism is provided with optimal protection. The graduation needle provided with the product makes the reading easy from any angle. Optimal accuracy is provided by the enlarged scale. The mechanism provides high accuracy and un-dissociable. Cuff is constructed with robust nylon fabric for adults and cotton for children who can be washed at 30-40°C. It features velcro fastener. Sizes for new born to adult are available. The precise positioning for arm circumference is provided by calibrated cuff having size range/artery/index markings. The two tube technology of the bladder provides perfect linear decompression and compression. Bladder is free from latex providing high resistance. The under-evaluated measurement is provided by long and large as well as small and short bladders. The fast connecting system is made of metal. The traditional inflation bulb is user-friendly and supports maximum volume. Air delivering valve provides consistent and accurate deflation controlled by highly accurate valve. Quick and comfortable inflation is also provided. The extension of 3m spiral tube including fast-connect system fixation.
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