Dental turbine / with light GENTLEmini LUX 5000 B Kavo

Dental turbine / with light GENTLEmini LUX 5000 B Kavo
GENTLEmini LUX 5000 B

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If you are already using the KaVo GENTLEsilence 8000, an ideal addition will be the KaVo GENTLEmini 5000 turbine. This compact and powerful turbine will give you even greater visibility than you have come to expect from the GENTLEsilence 8000 instrument. The GENTLEmini 5000 is a miniature turbine that features a smaller head design. The head measures only 10.8 mm in diameter and 12.1 mm in height, and coupled with the 100 degree head angle, it provides not only superior visibility but enables unhindered work to be performed in the smallest and most difficult to access spaces. The GENTLEmini is every bit as strong and silent as its cousin, the GENTLEsilence 8000. This instrument is at its best when working in the molar regions of patients having smaller mouths.
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