Dental turbine SMARTtorque S619 L/C Kavo

Dental turbine SMARTtorque S619 L/C Kavo
SMARTtorque S619 L/C

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KaVo chucking system with securely held bur or instrument provides optimal security. The instrument is prevented form rotating or slipping with up to 30N chuck retention force. The ideal head sizes provides easy access to all quadrants of the buccal cavity while the 4-port spray safe protects the tooth against thermal damage. The standard version includes H: 14.5 mm with 12.5 mm head diameter while the mini version includes H: 12.3 mm and 10.8 mm head diameter. Kavo is composed of 25,000 LUX at the bur tip and solid glass-rod light-conductor for simple operation and optimal patient's safety. The ergonomic design provides simple cleaning and secure handling fro optimum hygiene. KaVo is equipped with 15 Watt output which enables fast and efficient preparation for the patients. The device is designed n compliance to KaVo standards featuring durable and precise bearings and turbine cartridges.
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