Dental treatment unit ZC-S400-DELUXE Foshan Joinchamp Medical Device

Dental treatment unit ZC-S400-DELUXE Foshan Joinchamp Medical Device

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*Particular control functions: automatically integral design of surgical light, gargling water, spitting and reset button, is simplified the dentist's operation and protected the patient's eyes, more attention to dentist and patient. * Nine memory position program, A,B,C three option settings satisfy different needs of patient and dentist. * Luxury design, freely rotation and easy for four-handed operation. * Assistant control design is elegant and convenient for cleaning, solved the operation problem of suction tube (such as shorter or longer), and convenience for assistant's operation. * The design of grade range doctor table is convenient for doctor's performance. * Non-button air lock makes the doctor table move up and down easily. * Double-doctor table is good to classify the using and non-using operating tools. The left super-thin table is more approach to operate the instrument. * Dedicated electrical box design, concentrating all electric appliances, neat and aesthetic and easy to maintenance, according with the EU anti-spatter, anti-shock safety standards. * Integral seamless design of cushion is elegant and easy to disinfect. * Ergonomic design of the backrest and cushion are made patients feel more comfortable; horizontal compensation up to 12 cm, eliminate the uncomfortable feeling of patient during the movement of backrest. * High speed movement of backrest (entire run is not more than nine seconds), improving working efficiency. * The tissue box is idealy set on the middle top of the unit box, with a 70 degree of horizontal line. Direction design is according to movement of patient's hand, convenient to take.
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