Dental spatula-plugger CPRO1CT DEPPELER

Dental spatula-plugger CPRO1CT DEPPELER

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Deppeler, known for outstanding products and being excel in terms of reliable bring small-size COMPro1CT Spatula-plugger of thickness 0.22 mm and width 1.8 mm. The length and diameter of rounded-flat plugger are 6mm and 1.10 mm respectively. The enhanced angulations and length permit a precise and simple application of composite, even in the less accessible and deep cavities. The rounded-flat shape helps to prevent plugger from sinking into composite, eliminating mark with its edge. The shape of the instrument is similar to that of Classic models, but features a titanium nitride coating. The surface treatment comes with exceptional non-stick properties. The tip of the device should be cleaned at once, just after application of composite, for removal of possible film. Not only this, it should not be cleaned with hard bristle brush. The fine scratches facilitate convenient attachment with surface for composite.
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