Dental laser / surgical / CO2 / on trolley DENTA™ Lutronic

Dental laser / surgical / CO2 / on trolley DENTA™ Lutronic

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With the growing awareness of the benefits of laser dentistry and increasing demand for better quality dental care, the Spectra DENTA is rapidly becoming recognized as the system of choice for dental professional. Ideal for most soft tissue procedures, the Spectra DENTA can quickly and accurately cut, vaporize and coagulate tissue without contact or bleeding resulting in faster wound healing and greatly reduced risk of post-operative infection thus delivering better clinical outcomes and higher patient satisfaction levels. Featuring two flexible modes and a small minimum spot size the Spectra DENTA is a gentle CO2 laser ideal for intraoral surgery and targeting soft tissue without damage to surrounding tissues. In Continuous Wave (CW) mode the system allows precise incision and excision of tissue while in the short pulsed Char Free (CF) mode it easily vaporizes target tissue while minimizing collateral damage.
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