Dental laboratory oven DM 1 / DM 1G Zhermack

Dental laboratory oven DM 1 / DM 1G Zhermack
DM 1 / DM 1G

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This setup works with a safe design that can handle all sorts of coatings and conditions. It works with a strong body that can handle larger loads as well. The DM1 1 uses 12 cylinders while the DM 1 G can handle 24 cylinders. There's also a reinforced thermocouple and a switch that can stop the resistor after the hatch opens. This has an extractor command that lets fumes get released as necessary. Also, this works with ten different programs or cycles and can work with four positions at a given time. The temperature control can also work with microprocessor controls to make it easier for several temperature settings to be maintained including the speed at where the temperature can rise. Maintenance temperature settings and terms for when the extractor can be turned off may also be programmed.
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