Dental laboratory oven 900°C | Magma Renfert

Dental laboratory oven 900°C | Magma Renfert
900°C | Magma

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THe Magma 900°C Furnace unifies all the main elements needed for preheating, all in one machine. This furnace provides top technology features including aPt-RhPt temperature sensor, a four sided heating chamber, and also hidden heating elements. Best of all, the Magma furnace was designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, giving it the best possible operation, programming, and ventilation possible. The Magma Furnace is spacious, with space for 4× size 6 plus 3× size 3 casting rings. It heats quickly, reaching 900°C (1652°F) in just 60 minutes. The four-sided heating ensures even heat distribution and the PtRh-Pt temperature sensor makes sure the temperature is precise and displayed reliably in casting ring height.
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