Dental instrument washer-disinfector / compact ROTOCLEAN EASY REITEL Feinwerktechnik GmbH

Dental instrument washer-disinfector / compact ROTOCLEAN EASY REITEL Feinwerktechnik GmbH

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Description: The ROTOCLEAN EASY is a cleaner suitable for manual pre-cleaning of dental and surgical instruments. Two rotating brushes integrated in a disinfection bath allow even stubborn blood stains, secretions and calculus deposits to be removed from instruments and tools used in daily practice. Integrate the ROTOCLEAN EASY into your daily routine by manually pre-cleaning all instruments prior to putting them into a thermo disinfector or in a chemical cleaning bath. As this will eliminate the need to remove organic residues at a later stage, your workflow becomes more efficient and makes it easier to conform to recommended hygienic directives. The brushes can even clean places which are difficult to access. Consequently, and in comparison with manual brushing, direct contact with contaminated areas is completely avoided. Well-known experts in Central Sterilization Supply Departments are convinced of the efficacy of this patented concept and have already integrated it into their daily cleaning regime. The cleaning brush set of the ROTOCLEAN EASY consists of two sterilisable brushes: One brush including a bristle-less area and one brush with a larger diameter for pre-cleaning pliers and places which are difficult to access. The ROTOCLEAN EASY for cleaning tools and instruments is designed to be directly installed in the sink. Easy removal of brushes by manually unscrewing external fixing screws. The protective glass offers additional protection against accidental splashing disinfectant liquid.
  • Characteristics:compact
  • Application:for dental instruments
Senfdamm 20,
Bad Essen
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