Dental imaging software / medical i-Dixel 2.0 Morita

Dental imaging software / medical i-Dixel 2.0 Morita
i-Dixel 2.0

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I Dixel 2.0 Software has a software features comprise a drawing function in the mandibular canal, presentation for implant therapy, and volume rendering which converts three dimensional x-rays to solid images which can be rotated, magnified, and sliced in real time. I Dixel 2.0 imaging software moment a range of features from the initial exposure to the final diagnosis allowing for a thorough examination. It provide one data and one volume viewers. The display has CMRP image processing and implant presentation preparation. It has mandibular canal depiction and DICOM 3.0 compatible I Dixel also instant the unique capacity to view both CT slice images and volume rendered images at the like time on the computer screen.
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