Dental autoclave / bench-top 28 L | Elara 11 Tuttnauer

Dental autoclave / bench-top 28 L | Elara 11 Tuttnauer
28 L | Elara 11

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The Elara 11 is devised for sterilization of hollow, wrapped and porous loads. For private clinics, looking at higher turnovers this is a perfect solution with large chamber volume and small external dimensions. The performance is reliable, uninterrupted with a smart control system and large memory capacity, and is easy to use. For results of sterilization for class B, it provides pre and post vacuum pump of high volume and the short cycle is efficient. The stainless steel chamber is of 316 L grade and the door is finished with electro polish. Standby mode is facilitated by the inbuilt steam generator, which provides steam. The movement of the door is smooth with an automated door lock system and features a chamber, which is 28.5 litres capacity inside a small footprint. It is a perfect solution for shelves and counters, which are of standard 60 cm size. Stainless steel trays, 5 in number are provided, which can accommodate cassettes. The autoclave accessibility is eliminated because the water fills from the front and the office space is also economized.
  • Configuration:bench-top
  • Application domain:dental
Hoeksteen 11,
4815 PR Breda
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