Dehumidifier air LA120501 Lanaform

Dehumidifier air LA120501 Lanaform

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With just one appliance, the Lanaform dehumidifier, you can reduce humidity in your home and also purify the air. It controls the level of humidity in the air, and stops it rising too high. Thanks to its “Ionisation” function, it produces negative ions that eliminate toxic particles. It has 2 dehumidifying modes. Check and set the humidity level on an LCD screen. The device has an automatic anti-freeze system for when the room temperature falls below 5°. The water tank has a large capacity (5.3l) so it can dehumidify a room for a long time. What’s more, you can use the drainage setting, which empties the tank through a tube so you can carry on reducing dehumidifying without interruption. The surface area covered is 18 to 20 m2. With the Timer function you can programme the device to switch on or off automatically.
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