Cystoscope fiberscope CST-4000, CST-4000i Vision Sciences

Cystoscope fiberscope CST-4000, CST-4000i Vision Sciences
CST-4000, CST-4000i

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EndoSheath® Cystoscopy is a new alternative to conventional cystoscopy procedures. For the first time, Urologists can get high performance endoscopic imaging and functionality with the EndoSheath® Technology, the only sterile, disposable option for flexible endoscopy. EndoSheath® Cystoscopes are the only flexible fiberoptic cystoscopes that never come in contact with the patient. The EndoSheath® Technology provides a durable, protective barrier, as well as a disposable working channel. All patient materials and instrumentation, from tissue samples to stent removal graspers, travel through the channel in the disposable sheath and never come in contact with the reusable cystoscope. The CST-4000 and CST-4000i are the newest flexible fiberoptic cystoscopes from Vision-Sciences. They present an ideal flexible fiberoptic cystoscopy system that is portable, versatile, and always ready. The ease-of-use with the EndoSheath® Technology makes it perfect for bedside procedures and for use in any size practice or hospital. The various channel sizes of the different disposable sheaths allow, for the first time, the freedom to "customize" the cystoscope for the procedure. EndoSheath® Cystoscopy "Always Ready" Cystoscopy "Always Sterile" EndoSheath® Technology High Quality Fiberoptic Imaging Eliminate Toxic Chemical Exposure Between Procedures Lower Capital and Service Costs Fully Compatible with Endoscopic Peripherals
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