Completely hearing aid in the canal (CIC) mind330 CIC Widex

Completely hearing aid in the canal (CIC) mind330 CIC Widex
mind330 CIC

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The pleasure of hearing mind is the first hearing aid to offer the user a dedicated relaxation and tone program, the revolutionary Zen. Zen adds a new dimension to hearing, where fractal technology is used to play random and harmonic tones to enhance the overall listening experience. With the SmartSpeak signalling mechanism, mind440 also helps take the guesswork out of using such hearing aid functions as low battery power and program mode. And at the centre of mind440 is the Dual ISP signal processing platform that takes sound quality to new heights. Top models also feature the unique hi-fi two-way ClearBand receiver for added dynamic range and clarity. mind CIC: - CIC (completely-in-canal) model. - Recommended for minimal to moderately severe hearing loss. Features: - 10 channels - TruSound Compression - Audibility Extender - 4 listening programs
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