Compact pulse oximeter / fingertip Onyx® Vantage 9590 Nonin

Compact pulse oximeter / fingertip Onyx® Vantage 9590 Nonin
Onyx® Vantage 9590

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Onyx 9590 Vantage Finger Pulse Oximeter is simiarl to Onyx 9500. In 1995, Nonin medical revolutionized pulse oximetry by inventing the world's first finger pulse oximeter, the Onyx 9500. Key Elements Nonin' Current Finger: Today, Nonin's current finger pulse oximeter for health care professionals. Onyx® Vantage: Onyx® Vantage 9590, adds a fast, accurate, cost effective solution for spot checking oxygen saturation and pulse rate in pediatric to adult patients. Available Colors: Available in four colors – black, red, blue and purple. Nonin Advantages: Nonin Advantages: The Onyx is the only finger pulse oximeter with scientifically proven skill and is tested for use on fingers, thumbs and toes. Proven Skill : Proven skill – Scientifically proven skill in the widest range of patients. Dependable Results : Dependable Results – factual readings on challenging patients due to low perfusion and darker skin tones. Tested: Tested in motion. Units Work: Versatile – Units work on pediatric to larger adult patients and can be utilized on fingers, thumbs or toes. Onyx Vantage Website: See the Onyx Vantage website for more information.
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