Compact multi-parameter monitor / anesthesia 12" | Neptune 12" Siare

Compact multi-parameter monitor / anesthesia 12" | Neptune 12" Siare
12" | Neptune 12"

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Neptune 12 is a patient monitor to take care of adult, neonatal and paediatric functions that can be operated by 2-3 buttons and knobs. It can keep record of readings on different medical signs like Respiratory Rate, ECG, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, two misure IBP, CO2, O2, N2O, SPO2 Masimo, and anesthesia agents. It is one product with all features modules, display, recorder incorporated in single device to make it compact and portable. The wave forms are very clear for each of the signs for its high resolution display. the transportation of patients become easy for the inbuilt battery. The product can store and print out the report. In addition to these facilities its visible & audible alarm, trend data and other features make it a user friendly monitor in today's busy world.
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