Compact multi-parameter monitor 12.1" TFT | GT9003D Guoteng

Compact multi-parameter monitor 12.1" TFT | GT9003D Guoteng
12.1" TFT | GT9003D

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1. Adopt highly integrated module, only one module inside patient monitor 2. Integrated function board, multi-parameter module and power supply module 3. Standard 12.1 inch TFT screen Optional 15 inch TFT screen, high resolution (1024*768) 4. Support multi-language such as Chinese, English, French, Germany, Italian, Portuguese,Spanish, and Russian 5. Selectable waveform, maximal 9 waveform display on same screen 6. 360 hours of the parameter data record and review 7. 5000 group of the NIBP data record and review 8. 120 group of the alarm record and review 9. NIBP over range protection function 10. Both switch off and power sudden cut off protection 11. Anti high frequency electric surgical units, anti- defibrillator and interference, could be used in operation room and ICU requirements 12. Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery, disassemble design, could be used for more than 2 hours 13. High speed Ethernet connecting central monitor system 14. Suit to adult, pediatric and neonatal, adapt to every departments of hospital
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