Communication web application / data management / medical portal4med medavis

Communication web application / data management / medical portal4med medavis

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portal4med is an innovative platform combining different medical portal services and controlling medical network workflows. portal4med is based on web 2.0 technology, international communications and the latest security standards. Communications that cross institutional, disciplinary and national boundaries Within hospital or doctor networks, medical care centres and service providers, portal4med controls communications between the participating disciplinary systems – irrespective of location and the local IT infrastructure. All it takes is internet access. The web 2.0 platform performs central functions such as comprehensive patient management (Master Patient Index), acts as a document repository and gives access to all data in the electronic case file. With its close networking capacity and simple access, the web portal improves information exchanges between treating doctors, reveals individual treatment steps, optimises and speeds up process flows.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Function:data management, for communication
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