Colorimeter laboratory 400 - 710 nm | 6051 Jenway

Colorimeter laboratory 400 - 710 nm | 6051 Jenway
400 - 710 nm | 6051

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6051 Bench Colorimeter perfect for every day and educational use. It has wide wavelength range from 400 to 710nm. It has outstanding sampling flexibility is attain through the optional cell holder assemblies, allowing the use of 10, 20, and 40mm cells, whilst distinct sampling handling is possible with the four cell carriage. Standard 10mm square cuvettes, semi micro volume cuvettes, flowthrough or pour in/suck out cells can all be utilized with the standard sample holder. The 6051 is a universal purpose colorimeter, appareled with trouble-free to use conventional style controls, making it optimal for daily and instructive use. The product work with mains or battery operated. It has sample flexibility with many size options. The creation is simple to utilize and conservative style controls.
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