Clean room shower / air 20 m/s | AS 1000 Steelco

Clean room shower / air 20 m/s | AS 1000 Steelco
20 m/s | AS 1000

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The Steelco Air Shower AS 1000 is designed to remove surface contamination from personnel prior entering a lower level contaminated environment. The Steelco AS100 is available with and without the suction floor. The unit automatically detects the presence of the person. At the end of the cycle the door automatically unlocks allowing the access to the clean area. The duration of the air shower cycle can be easily adjusted. The AS 1000 straight passage: W 1125 mm (44.29"), D 1000 mm (39.37"), H 2560 (100.78"). AS 1000 angle and T passage: W 1125 mm (44.29"), D 1125 mm (44.29"), H 2560 mm (100.78"). Specifications AS-1000-electrical-panel-access-Steelco» Outstanding level of cleanness, the AS 1000 is equipped with 40 air nozzles (10 on each cabinet corner) to create an enveloping air flow. » High efficiency blower for an average air velocity equal or higher than 20m/s. » Two level filtration system: blower pre filter, HEPA H14.
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