Class II microbiological safety cabinet NordicSafe® ESCO

Class II microbiological safety cabinet NordicSafe® ESCO

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These microbiological safety cabinets delivers quiet, uniform airflow with its patented Unique Esco Dynamic Chamber™ plenum design. Energy consumption is relatively low (190Watt) and with the half speed mode this can go to 80 Watts. Even with the low Watt, the personally and product protection are maintained and not compromised. The cabinets are built taking into consideration the environmentally savvy consumer by using the latest technology energy efficient ECM blower from EBM-Papst Germany. This maintains constant airflow even in light of building fluctuations. The cabinet is quiet and is considered one of the quietest in the world with (51 dBA). This advantage helps to reduce fatigue and also improves concentration. Synchronizing of the turning on and off of the internal blower fan is possible with the ZERO Volt Relay Contact. Integrated temperature-compensated airflow monitoring system with the Esco Sentinel™ Gold microprocessor. Monitoring of cabinets with RS 232 data output port.
  • Class:class II
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