Center-pull rowing machine Selection Technogym

Center-pull rowing machine Selection Technogym

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The strength of the latissimus dorsi muscles and trunk are build up with the help of the product. The exercise is done in sitting position. It includes a handle that can be pulled towards the chest. The handle is in the front position of the body which is gripped by the arms with having a total control over shoulders and chest. A weight stack is provided with the product that works as a resistance and can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user to maintain the workload in the exercise. The exercise of all the dorsal muscles is enabled by the instrument. By using the grip and following trajectory in different ways the various muscles in the back can be recruited. By the position of the workout the various workload can be selected. All sizes of user can use the equipment with its wide footpad and seat. The design of the product is simple and makes the usage of the equipment easy.
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