Ceiling-mounted supply beam system / modular HI-CARE TLV Healthcare

Ceiling-mounted supply beam system / modular HI-CARE TLV Healthcare

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Suspended media bridge HI-CARE optimizes the quality of surgical interventions providing surgeons, anesthetists and operating room teams easy access to power supplies, communication technologies and data transfers, medical gases that can be easily positioned hand according to each procedure. Each HI-CARE is custom manufactured to your specifications in a configuration, with one, two or four corners in order to match the size and organization of your caring space as well as methods of work of your staff. Compatible with all systems of ceiling laminar airflow, the suspended distribution beam HI-CARE participates in asepsis in protecting his airflow from turbulences thanks to its glass walls and for positioning medical devices and instruments within easy reach of mobile operating tables and instruments support tables.
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