Calorimeter indirect CCM Express® MGC Diagnostics

Calorimeter indirect CCM Express® MGC Diagnostics
CCM Express®

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Dieticians and clinicians and very clear regarding the CCM Express® indirect calorimeter, no matter where they are used whether in a hospital or in a private practice, they are satisfied with the quality service delivery that these units offer. Units provide pressure support, bias flow, fluctuation or elevated fraction of inspired oxygen. (FiO2). Patients will spontaneously benefit from the CCM express indirect calorimeter’s comfortable testing options, these include face tent and preVent® face mask. In built computer plus touch screen operation, sensors for carbon dioxide and oxygen and breath by breath analysis ensures indirect calorimetry with the CCM express calorimeter rapid and simple- unit provides high accuracy for resting energy expenditure and substrate utilization data. Breath by breath analysis or user defined averaging provides a true METABOLIC ASSESSMENT Measurement.
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