Bone substitute injection syringe Neogel Str ® Teknimed

Bone substitute injection syringe Neogel Str ® Teknimed
Neogel Str ®

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NEOGEL® bone substitute is an apatite gel made for filling bone with the use of an osteoconductive material. NEOGEL® is used to fill bone defects which aren't intrinsic to the stability of the bone. Placing NEOGEL® percutaneously is easy, allowing the surgeon to utilize it even in closed site filling applications. It is slowly resorbed and is replaced by bone during the process of remodelling. Phosphostrontium hydroxyapatite likewise crystalizes in the hexagonal system's P63/m space group of the hexagonal system. It has lattice parameters of a = 9.758 Å and c = 7.280 Å.
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