Blood lactate meter Lactate Plus Nova Biomedical

Blood lactate meter Lactate Plus Nova Biomedical
Lactate Plus

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Order Lactate Plus Meters and Supplies through our PROSHOP The Test Lactate Plus measures blood lactate (muscle performance indicator) very quickly on a very small drop of blood. This results in a virtually painless, yet fast and accurate, test for lactate. Lactate is the premier indicator of aerobic conditioning for athletes and a key predictor of competitive performance. Less Pain Lactate tests on other meters are painful and therefore difficult to incorporate into routine training. They require from 5 to 25 microliters of blood, requiring a deep, wide gauge lance to pierce the skin deeply enough to obtain a large sample. Lactate Plus requires only 0.7 microliters of blood. This allows use of the thinnest, most shallow, least painful lancing devices available, increasing the athletes tolerance for testing.
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