Blood bank refrigerator / built-in / with automatic defrost / 1-door 2 °C ... 6 °C | BBK48GUC Lec Medical

Blood bank refrigerator / built-in / with automatic defrost / 1-door 2 °C ... 6 °C | BBK48GUC Lec Medical
2 °C ... 6 °C | BBK48GUC

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This Lec Medical Bloodbank is ideal for the safe storage of blood and is MDD certified. Will hold up to 48x 250ml blood bags. KEY FEATURES +2°C to +6°C set temperature - Operates at +4°C for optimum storage of blood External LCD controller which shows air and load temperatures, and also records alarm history and air and load temperatures - So everything which is happening in the bloodbank can be seen at-a-glance on the large screen, it is easily monitored and automatically recorded to save time and effort Lockable, with electronic keypad and magnetic fob for entry - For improved safety, accountability and security, a lockable bloodbank helps prevent unauthorised access to the valuable contents, and a choice of magnetic fob and digital keypad mean that as many or few people as you want can have access Audible and visual high and low air and load temperature alarms - To alert anybody nearby as soon as the temperature begins to go too high or low, so that action can be taken to rectify the problem and prevent damage to the contents Fan assisted, and metal air guide fins - To aid the flow of cool air next to the evaporator and over top of the blood bags, eliminating temperature variations to keep a consistent temperature. Also speeds up temperature recovery after door opening Open door alarm - To prevent spoilage from raised internal temperature and illicit entry if the door is left open R600a refrigerant - Environmentally friendly refrigerant with a reduced level of carbon dioxide given off, reduces running costs by reducing how hard the compressor has to work to keep the bloodbank cool
  • Number of doors:1-door
  • Applications:blood bank
  • Configuration:built-in
  • Other characteristics:with automatic defrost
United Kingdom

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