Bioresorbable suture anchor A?LINK?S® Teknimed

Bioresorbable suture anchor A?LINK?S® Teknimed

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A’LINK’S® is a bioresorbable screw suture anchor mounted in a single-use screwdriver with two threads of UHMWPE (USP2) suture. The device is sterile and ready to use. The anchor is available in5.5 mm or 6.5 mm diameter and 20 mm length. A’LINK’S screw is made of 70% poly(70/30 ;L/DL)lactide (PLA) + 30% ?-tricalcium phosphate (TCP). The combination of these two materials is done by chemical reaction according to a specific process. This process allows a homogeneous distribution of the TCP particles inside the PLA matrix eliminating the risk of agglomerates that lead to screw breakage. This new material is following control speed degradation. A’LINK’S is stable for 6 months post-operative; this allows a good rehabilitation and simplifies an eventual revision. It is then slowly bio-absorbed by narrows bone tissue and is fully replaced by narrow bone after 24 months.
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