Biopsy needle / automatic UNI-RAM P RI.MOS

Biopsy needle / automatic UNI-RAM P RI.MOS

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Disposable automatic and universal needle, used for soft tissue biopsy and compatible with the most reusable guns on the market such as: MD-Tech Promag™, Bard Biopty™, Gallini ABS™, GTA GT-Gun™. The cannula tip was designed to make the tissue penetration, the tissue cutting and the bioptic sampling as less traumatic as possible. The needle cannula is centimeter marked in order to make the procedure as precise as possible. An echogenic marker is placed on the distal part of the cannula. By using an ultrasonic machine, the marker enables the needle to be constantly seen during the whole procedure. A colour code is meant to help the user to identify the device diameter; this code is recognized on international level.
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