Binocular colposcope / mobile KM-2 Orion Medic

Binocular colposcope / mobile KM-2 Orion Medic

Advantages of colposcope ??-2 Precision optics with high quality images and corrected abberations, which increases the confidence level of diagnostics and cuts the examination time. Optical layout provides the application of wide-angle eyepieces. Amplification switch system has 3 or 5 magnification ranges, which considerably expands functional characteristics of colposcope. Lighting system creates an optimal illumination intensity for examination. Orientation system structure provides: ¾ vertical movement thanks to stand’s adjustment gear and micrometer mechanism of vertical displacement; ¾ horizontal movement and rotation by means of micrometric focus control and reciprocal displacement of lever arms; ¾ decline of optical head against horizontal axis by means of layback gear; ¾ rotation around vertical axis.
  • Type:binocular
  • Ergonomics:mobile
3235 Sector 21-D,
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