Bilirubin meter BR-5000N Apel

Bilirubin meter BR-5000N Apel

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? Easy operation Microprocessor enables the auto calibration and easy operation. ? External Interface. Printer interface and RS-232C interface are built in. ? mg/dL and micro mol/L indication Both mg/dL and ?mol/L indication are available. ? Handles hemolysis and turbidity easily The dual wavelength measuring method of BR-5000N eliminates interferance of hemolysis and turbidity. ? Easy set of the sample tube A sample gauge provided on the surface of BR-5000N, which indicates the proper sample volume to be inspected.Only simple action is required to set the capillary tube into the holder. ? Alarm lamp informs user of abnormalities Alarm lamp signals either abnormal value or situations such as burned out of the bulb,ilirubin concentration of 30mg/dL or more,or high hemolysis of 250mg/dL or more. ? Flexible power source Power requirement is flexible from 100 to 240VAC.
Angyouryou Negishi, 951
Kawaguchi, Saitama
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