Behind the ear, hearing aid with ear tube / waterproof Share 1.3 Interton

Behind the ear, hearing aid with ear tube / waterproof Share 1.3 Interton
Share 1.3

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Hearing solution at affordable price Interton Share 1.3 encompasses characteristics you normally find in more costly devices. So give your customers an very good hearing solution with feature like repsonse Manager Plus, Data-logging, AutoPhone and advanced directionality options for better talk comprehending in disturbance. Share 1.3 is for the highly requiring but still cost conscious clientele and consist of a total of 13 form factors covering BTEs, including the cosmetic Mini-BTE, and ITEs. Specification of the Product: Sound Processing: Channels - 6 Gain Handles in fitting - 6 Sound processing - Log. WDRC Number of form factors - 13 Total program choices - Max 4 Basics: Power-on Delay Signal tones (low battery, VC, program changes) Speech understanding: Omni Directionality Fixed Directionality Speech-Focused Directionality Auto-Steered Directionality Noise Reduction: Microphone Noise Reduction Adaptive Noise Reduction(-3dB) Feedback Management: Feedback Manager Feedback Manager Plus Feedback Guard Protection: Nano Coating Specials: Datalogging AutoPhone
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