Automatic coagulation analyzer INNOVANCE® PFA-200 Siemens Healthcare

Automatic coagulation analyzer INNOVANCE® PFA-200 Siemens Healthcare

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The INNOVANCE® PFA-200 System* provides automated assessment for inherited, acquired, or drug-induced platelet dysfunction. It measures the process of primary hemostasis and aids in the rapid detection of platelet dysfunction. Through flow technology, the system provides a realistic hemodynamic environment for the measurement of primary hemostasis. Screens platelet function in patients with impaired primary hemostasis, such as von Willebrand disease1 Provides excellent sensitivity for congenital platelet dysfunction, such as Glanzmann thrombasthenia Verifies efficacy of desmopressin acetate (DDAVP) therapy in presurgical patients2 Assesses platelet dysfunction caused by aspirin Evaluates platelet dysfunction in multiple clinical settings, such as presurgical screening, high-risk pregnancy and menorrhagia Detects platelet P2Y12-receptor blockades in patients undergoing therapy with P2Y12-receptor antagonists

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