Automatic biochemistry analyzer CYANPro Cypress Diagnostics

Automatic biochemistry analyzer CYANPro Cypress Diagnostics

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The CYANPro is an automatic analyser made for expanding, quality focused laboratories. It is the ideal first step into laboratory automatisation. Its powerful software will bring almost unlimited capabilities to your lab. Cost savings: Minimum reaction volume of 450 ?l results in lower costs per test Long life lamp Among the lowest water consumption in the market True walk away automation optimizes the staff time Lowest service requirements in its class No maintenance, high precision pipetting diluter used Robustness based on proven batch and flowcell system Flexibility: Up to 40 samples Seven wavelengths (340, 405, 492, 510, 546, 576 & 620 nm filters) cover all clinical diagnostics kits Six calculation methods (absorbance, endpoint, two-point, kinetic, bichromatic & differential) and nine calibration methods (factor, calibrator & multi-point calibrations) provide plenty processing options with one system Three blank methods (sample blank, reagent blank & water) provide background correction of the reagent and sample coloration Automated dilution of sample and calibrator simplify operations

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