Automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top HumaStar 150 SR HUMAN

Automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top HumaStar 150 SR HUMAN
HumaStar 150 SR

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An Efficient Closed System Reagent Analyzer, this system of analyzers provides completely automated reagent management. Benchtop-sized automated systems are designed for small to medium sized laboratories and prominently feature cost-efficient solutions. Stand-alone systems are equipped to serve the needs of medium to high throuhput laboratories. All feature validated applications, high quality reagents with long shelf lives and on board stabilities, ensuring the highest cost efficiency and result reliability. All automated system analyzers are fitted with reagent refrigeration, barcode readers, and washable cuvettes, and can be fitted with optional ISE modules. With these systems, HUMAN offers a unique range of analyzers for laboratories of all sizes with matched versatility and economy. Up to 150 chemistry tests per hour, 40 reagents on board, reagent cooling, washable quartz cuvettes, and varcode reader for reagents and optional for samples
  • Operation:automatic
  • Configuration:bench-top
Max-Plank-Ring 21,
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