Automatic bedpan washer / compact A4-NETTUNO Titanox

Automatic bedpan washer / compact A4-NETTUNO Titanox

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BEDPAN WASHER NETTUNO MOD. A4-NETTUNO - Electronic digital control. - Microcontroller DSP. - Light and acoustic warning. - 2 washing programs only. - PRG1: FAST cycle for urinals. - PRG2: NORMAL cycle for bed pans. - Function Play/Pause for the selected cycle. - Function RESET for changing the cycle. - Detergent exhausted warning. - Detergent tank full warning. - Cold water lack warning. - Door open warning. - Instant stop of the cycle, in case of door opening. - Reduced electrical consumption: maximum power 400W. - Electronic check of the electric pump - Zero-crossing function of network. - Check of the current in the motor - Automatic stand-by at the end of the cycle. - Maximum absorption in stand-by mode: 2,8 Watt - PRG1 cycle time: 45 seconds - PRG2 cycle time: 90 seconds. - Water consumption in PRG1 cycle: 25 litres - Water consumption in PRG2 cycle: 50 litres. - Completely made of stainless steel. - The description of the running status and the type of the active alarm are visible on the front panel - Detergent refilling operation has been made easier, because it is on machine bord. - Overall dimensions: 54 x 81 x 91 h cm
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Via Canove 2/A,
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