Automatic bedpan washer BP 100 HLA Steelco

Automatic bedpan washer BP 100 HLA Steelco
BP 100 HLA

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The characteristics of this bedpan washer improve the working condition, optimize the cleaning results and reduce drastically the risk of contamination. An infra-red proximity switch or a foot pedal facilitates the operator to open and close the sliding door automatically avoiding any physical contact of the staff. The machine is equipped with a rotating holder to ensure an easy and safe loading avoiding any risk of spillage. The holder/support rotates automatically to empty items only after the door is completely closed and then the machine starts the washing cycle. The multifunction holder/support allows combined simultaneous treatment of urine bottles, bed pans, suction bottles and buckets. Steam is conveyed through the washing nozzles to ensure the complete disinfection. A wide range of supports are available following the containers which are most commonly used in the different countries. Specifications, Dimensions WxDxH: 600mm x 610mm x 1750mm 23.62" x 24.02" x 68.90".
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