Automatic bedpan washer BP 100 HL2 series Steelco

Automatic bedpan washer BP 100 HL2 series Steelco
BP 100 HL2 series

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All Steelco BP 100 HL2 models are made to hygienically handle and disinfect all reusable items such as bedpans, urine bottles, suction bottles and buckets. With Steelco, both the patients and the nursing staff are assured to be hygienically secure. Models: BP 100 HL2MM manual doors opening, BP 100 HL2AM automatic loading door opening, manual unloading door. On the automatic models door opening is foot operated. On these models, the door opening can optionally be controlled by an infra-red proximity switch, allowing item loading without any physical contact with the washer. The washers are equipped with a multi-functional support capable of holding all the receptacles commonly used in hospitals and nursing houses. Different racks and holders are available for special needs. Steelco can provide a complete range of accessories as counters with/without sink, emptiers and wall racks for bedpans and urine bottles. Specifications: Dimensions WxDxH: 600mm x 600mm x 1600mm 23.62"
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