Audiometry software DAISY Inventis

Audiometry software DAISY Inventis

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Daisy is software which is designed in order to maintain and manage all data, specifically examination data acquired by every Inventis and Invisia device. Daisy is able to supervise several kinds of data of ENT and Audiology examinations. It performs its responsibilities with immense flexibility and speed and its user friendly nature makes Daisy the absolute answer of every question of private users as well as of clinics and hospitals. As a modular system, Daisy is composed by core software and various devoted modules which interface the different devices. Particularly, Maestro is the Daisy module that interfaces audiological equipment. For each patient a complete record card is provided by Daisy that shows clinical data regarding generic or visit-specific. Different users have their different needs. To satisfy the users, Daisy allows them to organize and add items of clinical data as per their requirement. The device has the capability to generate professional reports rapidly and simply. The result of instrumental examination, clinical data and patient detail from multiple devices are combined whenever needed in order to create professional reports.
  • Application domain:audiometry
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