Anesthesia patient breathing circuit Compact™ Intersurgical

Anesthesia patient breathing circuit Compact™ Intersurgical

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The Compact extendable anaesthetic breathing system has been designed for economy. They are supplied in a compressed form which increases the number of systems per box, for more cost effective storage and disposal. This means that there can be significant space savings compared with other breathing systems. A standard box of Compact systems could provide a hospital with an extra three weeks supply.* Features and Benefits include: Optimum compression - the unique tube design results in a system which can be compressed to almost one fifth of its extended length. Lower resistance to flow - the Compact tube is designed with a shallow profile resulting in more laminar gas flow and lower resistance to flow. Lightweight system - the Compact system is lighter than other extendable systems ensuring that the pull on the patients airway device is kept to a minimum. Compliance - when extended is 4.4ml/kpa per metre of tube, which is less than that required in the ISO 5367:2000 standard. Adjustable length - the Compact system is packed and supplied in the shortest length. This can be simply extended to the length required for clinical use (with the advantage of reduced compressible volume), and compressed for easy disposal. The unique tube has been designed so that it will expand to between four to five times its packed length, providing the most adjustable system available. *Comparison between Compact 2150 and Flextube 2000, based on a hospital with four operating theatres changing systems on a daily basis.
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