Analog electrocardiograph / 12-channel CARDIOVIT AT-2 SCHILLER

Analog electrocardiograph / 12-channel CARDIOVIT AT-2 SCHILLER

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The CARDIOVIT AT-2 is an all in one affordable ECG System that provides quality performance and reliability. The AT-2 is portable and affordable and comes equipped with features that were previously available only in high priced systems. Some of the features of the AT-2 are built-in thermal printer, single button operation, full size 8" x 11" reports (A4) within seconds, automatic and manual mode, integrated rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 400 recordings, 6/12-channel representation of all 12 simultaneously acquired leads and computerized ECG interpretation program. . The CARDIOVIT AT-2 is CE labeled and weights only 4.8 kg/11 lbs. The AT-2 also meets or exceeds both international and US quality standards.
  • Type:analog
  • Number of channels:12-channel
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