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Xenios console
Heart & Lung Therapies

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ECLS with Xenios console

The Xenios console is the core of our extracorporeal life support (ECLS) offering. The console, equipped with the right patient kit and cannulas, determines the type of extracorporeal treatment.


One console – different ECLS solutions

The Xenios console provides treatment solutions for patients with pulmonary or cardiopulmonary disease. It combines different treatment modes like Lung Assist, Synchronized Cardiac Assist and Advanced Mode on one single technical platform.

The Xenios console is compatible with applications of our parent company, Fresenius Medical Care (Products that are compatible with FME applications are listed in the corresponding IFU).


Broad spectrum of treatment options in both, heart and lung support

- Treatments for heart and lung support on one single platform

- For ECMO treatments with Advanced Mode applicable from neonates up to adults

- From partial CO2 removal to adequate oxygenation [1,2]

- VV, VA ECMO applications


→ Operating room

→ Cardiac catheterization lab


For your information: Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all countries. For further information on country-specific regulations, please contact your local Xenios AG representative. 

Also, this information is not intended for an audience within the USA. If your are from the USA, please visit the corresponding Fresenius Medical Care website here

Three treatment profiles provide a broad spectrum of extracorporeal support

Lung Assist for lung support

ECCO2R and respiratory ECMO

- Intensive care unit

- Thoracic surgery


Synchronized Cardiac Assist for cardiovascular support

Synchronized cardiac support

- Cardiac surgical interventions

- Cardiac catheterization laboratory


Advanced Mode for cardiopulmonary organ support

Cardiopulmonary ECMO

- Cardiac surgery

- Cardiac catheterization laboratory

- Intensive care unit


1 Redwan B. et al., (2015) Intraoperative veno-venous extracorporeal lung support in thoracic surgery: a single-centre experience. Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg: ivv253 [141]

2 Braune S. et al., (2016) The feasibility and safety of extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal to avoid intubation in patients with COPD unresponsive to noninvasive ventilation for acute hypercapnic respiratory failure (ECLAIR study): multicentre case-control study. Intensive Care Med 42(9): 1437– 1444 [117]


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